SEBA FR1 80(4D)

Product Type: FR1 4D

Product Name: SEBA FR1 80 4D

Product Description:
World’s favorite Freeride skate perfected. The shell is 310 & 325 frame-compatible, and available in yellow. Feel the remarkable difference in fit and in action. The New FR Liner, Premium Insole, and New 4D frame make this skate a game changer.


–Plastic shell
–Plastic Cuff with 4 positions
–SEBA Double Strap + FK aluminium top Buckle
–Optional Brake available


–Eur 37 or above
—SEBA 4D Frame 243mm (4x80mm)


–SEBA Twincam MW9 Freeride


–Eur 37 or below
—SEBA SI 80mm 84A


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