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Product Name: SEBA iGor

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2013 edition of the pro-model from slalom hero Igor Cheremetieff. This new version is even better than the previous one, the perfect comfort vs reactivity ratio. Light, stiff and versatile, this skate is the perfect weapon to win. This boot can be used for almost all types of skating. The best skaters already adopted the iGoR skates !


–Eur 40 or above
—SEBA Rockered Deluxe Frame 243mm (4x80mm)

–Eur 39 or below
—SEBA Rockered Deluxe Frame 231mm (4x76mm)


–SEBA Twincam ILQ-9 Slalom Pro


–Eur 40 or above
—SEBA SI 80mm 84A

–Eur 39 or below
—SEBA SI 76mm 84A


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